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Our primary concern is your care.  We will always strive to do our best for you and provide excellent, courteous, and timely care.  On our first visit and initial consultation, we generally review your symptoms from the beginning, any studies that have been done in evaluation, your other medical problems, medications, social and personal situation, do a general examination, make an assessment, prepare a treatment and followup plan with you, and prepare a summary letter for your referring doctor.  On subsequent and followup visits, we generally review your interval history, medications, any laboratory, x-ray or other tests, may do an examination before making an assessment, and followup plan with you.  It is helpful if patients bring a list of their current medications and be prepared to discuss their symptoms.  We will always inform you and your loved one regarding the nature of the problem, options for further evaluation and treatment and discuss the pros and cons, and give you our best advice.  We generally request that other friends and family members receive information directly from yourself or your designated family spokesperson.

We will generally provide patient health information regarding any treatments and regarding your illness.  Many resources are easily available on the internet.  The following web sites are excellent resources regarding various cancers, medications, clinical trials, and other information:, and

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