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Radiation oncology is an integral part of a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment using high-energy X-rays (photons) emitted more frequently by a linear accelerator. At Sierra Hematology & Oncology Medical Center, our highly qualified radiation oncologists will guide you through each stage.

Radiation therapy is the use of high-energy radiation to damage the DNA of cancer cells and destroy their ability to divide and grow. It can be administered using machines called linear accelerators or by radioactive sources placed inside the patient temporarily or permanently. At Sierra Hematology & Oncology Medical Center, we offer the best care that you deserve in addition to the radiation therapy across California

What happens before a radiotherapy treatment?

Each radiation treatment plan at Sierra Hematology & Oncology Medical Center is created to meet a patient's individual needs. You can expect these steps before starting treatment:

Step 1 - Meeting with your radiation oncology specialist: The doctor will review your medical records, perform a physical examination, and recommend diagnostic tests.

radiation treatment

Step 2 - Authorization for radiotherapy: If you choose to have radiation therapy, your healthcare team will ask you to sign a consent form that includes:

  • Our team has given you information about your treatment options
  • You choose to undergo radiation therapy
  • You authorize healthcare professionals to provide care
  • Our team will work with Insurance company for approval

Step 3 - Simulation and treatment planning: Your first radiotherapy session is a simulation. This means that it is a training session without radiotherapy. Our team will use imaging scans to identify the location of the tumor. Depending on the area treated, you may receive a small mark on your skin. This will help our team direct the beam of radiation to the tumor.