Patient Navigation Program

Patient navigation program is a process that reduces and eliminates the barriers that interrupt the continuum of care from screening and detection, diagnosis, treatment and until the end of treatment.


Patient Navigator can help you by:

  • Guiding you through the health care system

  • Advocating for you to facilitate effective communication with the healthcare team and other providers

  • Streamlining your health care appointments and treatment procedures

  • Advising you with an action plan and sharing available resources that address your concerns

  • Helping you with compassionate and reliable supportive care services

  • Working with you in exploring appropriate pay source for your health care needs

  • Empowering you to self navigate from treatment to surivivorship

If you need any help please contact:

Lito H. Almelor, OPN
Patient Navigator, Care Coordinator

Phone: 916-962-1544 ext 380